Organic Coconut Oil Furniture Polish

Organic Coconut Oil Furniture Polish - Organic Mountain Farms


  • No artificial preservatives, chemicals, or perfumes

  • For wood and leather furniture 

  • Cleans as it beautifies
  • All fruit pulp and residual elements have been naturally filtered out to eliminate streaking
  • Polishing your furniture with pure all natural coconut oil helps protect the finish

  • Even old furniture will seem to come back to life

  • Prevents drying and deterioration of all wood finishes

  • Soft luster

  • Leaves a natural coating to protect against moisture

  • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood 

  • When smudged, just wipe again with a clean cloth and it will look like you just polished

100% Pure Coconut Oil Furniture Polish has had the fruit particles removed that would cause a cloudy sheen on furniture surfaces with ordinary coconut oil.  This fruit partial removal also removes the coconut perfume.  Because this product is 100% pure and natural there are no chemicals to keep it in solid or liquid form.  At 76° the product is a liquid. Below 76° the product is in a solid cream.

Directions: When product is in liquid form, pour out a small amount on a clean dry cloth. When product is in solid form (below 76°) rub on small amount with clean dry cloth. Apply liberally to furniture surface. Gently rub it in and remove excess with cloth. Buff to a high shine.